Zhongyuan Glass Industry Equipments Co., Ltd (ZGIEC) specializes in glass factory design, engineering technology service, total engineering contracting for international project(turn key project), glass mechanical equipments manufacturing and installation of glass production line for float glass, sheet glass and figured glass. ZGIEC has designing,equipment manufacturing, international project and comprehensive departments as well as glass mechanical equipments manufacturing base.

ZGIEC has rich technology strength. We have doctors and senior engineers in our designing team. Our employees range from senior engineers who once worked in design & research institute

or glass industries for more than 10 years to the backbone technicians who once worked in national glass industry. We also have the professional engineers for furnace, process, equipment, electrical, automatic control and public utilities, who are skillful and well-experienced experts.

ZGIEC positions high and has the long-term technical co-operation with such prestigious universities in China as Beijing Information Science & Technology University etc.in terms of developing glass mechanical equipments such as glass cutting machine, powder spraying gun, stacker etc., among which the process and equipments of ultra thin sheet glass production line have kept leading position in China.

ZGIEC has undertaken dozens of glass factory projects in China, India, Pakistan and Nigeria etc successively.

Keeping in mind the philosophy of"keep leading technology, create famous projects", our company wants to communicate and co-operate with friends at home and abroad on the basis of equality, mutual trust and benefit.

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